Daily Fantasy Football Game Oulala Launches its Monetised Platform

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Daily fantasy football platform, Oulala.com, has unveiled a monetized version of its site, which is now available to consumers in the UK for the very first time.

The newly launched platform provides users with the ability to create their own fantasy football team and compete against other players to win real money.

The first and only daily fantasy football platform based on skill as opposed to luck, Oulala uses an entirely unique scoring system, created using historical data provided by Opta and implemented by Oulala’s team of football analysts.

Unlike other fantasy football sites, where player points systems are based on 5-20 different criteria, Oulala implements a points system based on more than 70 different criteria. This enables the game to be as close as possible to football reality and will reward users based on their football knowledge – something which has never been seen before in the fantasy football industry.


The ‘live coaching’ feature allows users to make in-play substitutions and team formation alterations in real time.

Oulala has also unveiled an innovative ‘live coaching’ feature, something which is entirely new to the UK fantasy football market. This tool allows users to make in-play substitutions and team formation alterations in real time, making Oulala arguably the most realistic fantasy football game currently on the market. The unique system, devised by Oulala’s product development team, allows points to be updated every 30 seconds, meaning as soon as a player makes a change or substitution, that alteration will play out via the game in real time.

Users of the platform are each provided with €100 million in virtual spending money with which to formulate a team of their choice. Users can choose from over 2,500 players from multiple leagues, including the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 and Italian Serie A.
Users can compete either in head to head leagues – which can either be private or public – or they can join an existing contest from the Oulala game lobby menu. Those players entering into a league can decide on the buy-in sum for that league (between €1 and €200) as well as how the prize pool will be distributed.

Valéry Bollier, co-founder and CEO of Oulala, explains how many of the tools developed by Oulala are a first for the fantasy football market: “We spent a great deal of time developing the platform and devising unique systems which would be entirely unique to Oulala. We also sought crowdsourced opinions from our customers, which has helped us to further shape our approach.

“Today, fans are looking for the opportunity to interact and adapt in real time; they want to develop and prove their skills and, ultimately, be brought closer to reality. This is precisely what we have designed Oulala to do.

“Our unique points system is a standout feature and one that sets Oulala apart from other fantasy football platforms available today. The system was developed by statisticians to make sure that the game is consistent with football players’ real performances. Perhaps surprisingly, this is something that has never been done before, despite the clear demand from football fans for a system which takes these additional factors into account. It is capabilities such as these which make Oulala the most sophisticated, realistic fantasy football platform available on the market.”

Valery Bollier, CEO, and Benjamin Carlotti, Managing Director of Oulala Games Ltd.

Valery Bollier, CEO, and Benjamin Carlotti, Managing Director of Oulala Games Ltd.

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